performance improvement through assessment

Studies show that a professionally designed assessment centre will more than pay for itself in terms of subsequent performance.

At Marian Hubbell Consulting we can design and deliver your assessment and development centres and provide an assessor service for existing programmes.

Marian is a trained and experienced assessor with a meticulous approach, providing more accurate, reliable results and minimising bias.

Business benefits

An assessment or development centre is a rating process in which behaviour is evaluated, based on multiple participants, activities, sources of information and assessors. Participants are assessed against a standardised set of criteria and evidence is thoroughly reviewed and integrated.

We work in consultation with organisations, shaping and facilitating assessment centres to meet business needs. With an understanding of your outcome, we capture the complexity of real work situations experienced by your employees and give you confidence in results that will withstand scrutiny.

  • Sharper selection

    A large number of diverse candidates can be meticulously assessed

  • More accurate prediction of on the job success

    Participants are observed undertaking a range of work related activities, whereas an interview invites candidates to describe what they can do

  • Improved employee performance through self-awareness

    When attendees receive constructive, written and verbal feedback they gain insight, providing an opportunity to enhance skills and performance

  • Reduced turnover caused by poor performance or identifying potential too late

    Assessment centres provide a consistent and fair approach to assess performance that can withstand scrutiny

  • Investment in the right skills for the right people

    Assessment offer an effective mechanism to identify development needs

Who could you be?

Taking part in an assessment process offers an opportunity to shine.  Through evidence based, job related assessment, fairness and objectivity is maximised while participants gain insights into their own and others’ behaviour.

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