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At Marian Hubbell Consulting we provide coaching services to organisations and individuals, supporting people to overcome challenges, achieve their goals and take action.

What’s in it for you?

Through coaching you can move forward, get results, overcome problems and setbacks, build confidence and reach your potential, in your professional or personal life. Maybe you or people in your organisation could benefit from the positive impact coaching has.

Marian’s coaching approach

Marian’s commitment, professionalism and ability to build good working relationships shine through. She supports and encourages coaching clients to live their dreams, get what they deserve, gain greater self-awareness, widen choices and take action. Three areas underpinning Marian’s approach to coaching are


Focusing on what the client wants and how to achieve it


The client knowing what is important to them and living their values in achieving their goals


Challenging limiting beliefs

  • Performance

    Marian is accredited to use Strengths assessment tools to focus on and draw out an individual’s work-related strengths and underlying energising characteristics, enabling them to achieve their best performance

  • Career development

    Through coaching and a mentoring approach, Marian has worked with clients to gain confidence and take practical steps to enhance their careers

  • Working relationships

    Marian can support you to find the right words to build a better relationship with yourself and others

  • Barriers to success

    Coaching can help you to gain awareness of and overcome internal and external limitations, allowing you to grow and succeed

  • Tackling change

    Marian will work with you to identify where you are now, where you want to be and the benefits and cost of each, so you begin to move forward

Using an NLP model, and Strengths assessment tools, Marian listens, asks questions, challenges and supports change. Her clients regularly tell her how incredibly helpful they find their coaching sessions. On larger assignments Marian works with trusted associates.

Who could you be?

“I wanted to write to say how very useful the coaching sessions have been with my coach, Marian Hubbell. She has been tremendously helpful in helping me to work through various challenges and developing my confidence in a leadership role. She has been unfailingly professional.”

D, East Sussex

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